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A superior technology designed to minimise energy loss through your windows

Benefits of Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacer and Energy efficient windows for Specifiers, Architects and Builders
Manufacture superior glazing units with Thermoflex warm edge spacer
Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacer for Window Installers and Fabricators
Homeowners can reduce heating bills with Thermoflex energy saving windows

Window Installers & Fabricators

Thermoflex can be substituted within current Window Energy Ratings

As Thermoflex has one of the best thermal conductivity values, it can be exchanged with other spacers that are specified in a Window Energy Rating (where Thermoflex is recognised as being equal or better than the other spacer). It is designed and manufactured by the UK’s largest specialist insulated glass component manufacturer and distributor – Thermoseal Group.

Thermoflex can be exchanged with other spacers in Window Energy Ratings

Specifying Thermoflex warm edge spacer – the benefits:

1) Cost efficiency – low cost method to successfully improve energy performance of 

windows and buildings.

2) Building Regulations – simple and effective way to meet ever more stringent regulations. 

3) Reduced heat loss – Up to 94% less heat lost through the edge of the window.

4) Reduced condensation – Up to 70% reduction in condensation 

dramatically reduces the likelihood of potentially harmful mould 

growth, and helps meet public sector housing standards.

5) Good aesthetics.

6) Double and triple glazing – Thermoflex can be incorporated in 

triple glazing window units with ease due to the wide range 

of spacer sizes available.


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