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A superior technology designed to minimise energy loss through your windows

Benefits of Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacer and Energy efficient windows for Specifiers, Architects and Builders
Manufacture superior glazing units with Thermoflex warm edge spacer
Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacer for Window Installers and Fabricators
Homeowners can reduce heating bills with Thermoflex energy saving windows

Warm Edge Technology

Warm Edge Defined

Warm Edge Technology is a general term for a spacer system that has a better thermal performance than standard aluminium spacer bar.

The definition of a thermally improved spacer as provided by EN ISO 10077 is one with a thermal conductivity value of  0.007 W/K. This value is calculated as follows:

Warm edge spacer thermal calculations

d = Thickness of the spacer wall in m.

λ = Thermal conductivity of the spacer material in W/(mK)


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