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A superior technology designed to minimise energy loss through your windows

Benefits of Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacer and Energy efficient windows for Specifiers, Architects and Builders
Manufacture superior glazing units with Thermoflex warm edge spacer
Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacer for Window Installers and Fabricators
Homeowners can reduce heating bills with Thermoflex energy saving windows

Warm Edge Technology

Advantages of Warm Edge Technology

Warm edge windows can reduce condensation

Condensation is much less likely to develop when the inner glass pane is kept warmer. Warm edge technology reduces heat loss through the edge of the unit and consequentially helps keep the inner glass pane warmer. By reducing condensation, this also helps prevent growth of harmful mould and bacteria that can lead to health problems like dermatitis and asthma. 

Warm edge

technology can reduce condensation on the window by up to 70%.

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